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Congratulations to the following students that competed at the IGSMA Solo/Ensemble Contest

Best of the Day Award in their Contest Room: 
Corinna Thomas - Piano
Halie McMorris - Flute
Ryan Poncin - Tenor Saxophone
Jonas Techmanski - Marimba
The following students earned a perfect score in their event: 
Jake Kellermann, Mason Janvrin, Jonas Techmanski, Corinna Thomas, Ava Eames,
Leah Renottett, and the Golladay Ensemble of Daniel Golladay, Jack Gentes,
Brice McMorris, Burt Jolley, Tony Haro & Joel George

Division I (Superior) Rating for Solo Performance: 
Noelle Bush, Rachel Lawyer, Kieran Connolly, Brian Bach, Jonas Techmanski, Corinna Thomas, Daniel Golladay, Rowan McReynolds, Ryan Poncin, Mason Janvrin, Leah Renollett, George Robinson, Ethan Snyder, Ava Eames, Johnnie Behrends, Jake Kellermann, Halie McMorris, & Kaitlyn Behrends

Division I (Superior) Rating for Ensemble Performance
Hector Almanza, Meredith Bertsche, Leah Boratto, Reanne Cupples, Ava Eames, Isaiah Eeten, Ryan Epperson, Jack Ewing, Kaylen Gammons, Jack Gentes, Joel George, Daniel Golladay, Tony Haro, Isaiah Herbst, Eden Husarik, Burt Jolley, Simon Kaeb, Ethan Kernosky, Jack Koscielak, McKenzie Lacock, Mithchell Lareau, Rachel Lawyer, Lindsey MArchesano, Brice McMorris, Halie McMorris, Rowan McReynolds, Max Nord, Madelyn Nourie, Evan Poe, Andy Pomrenke, Leah Renollet, Vivai Rolon, Zach Rumps, Adam Russell, Rolen Schlimmpmann, Marley Schrof, Adrian Shannon-Martinez, Ethan Snyder, Jordan Tarrance, Gabe Teplitz-Crawford, Corinna Thomas, Luke Van Scyoc, Hannah Warren, Abigail Wettstein, Bailee Peterson, Avery Harlan, & Kyle Thoennes

Division II Rating for Solo Performance:
Adam Engle – Piano
Division II Rating for Ensemble Performance
Kieran Connolly  & Aidan Swanlund – Brass Duet

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